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Project and final theses:

The Institute for Biophysical Chemistry and the Research Institute for Structural Biochemistry continuously offer dissertations for students or graduates of medicine, biochemistry, biology, biophysics or related subjects.

The subjects offered include cell biology, biochemistry or structural biology, with topics including, amongst others, molecular motors, cell movement and drug design.


The following positions are currently vacant:


PhD Position in Structural Biology


The research group headed by Prof. Dr. Dietmar Manstein invites applications for a PhD position funded by the Health Research Framework Programme of the German Federal Government and the European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases under the call “Transnational Research to Accelerate the Diagnosis and/or Investigation of Disease Processes and Mechanisms in Rare Diseases"

The work is performed in the context of a multidisciplinary, international research team that includes participants from France, Italy, Hungary and Germany.

The PhD project involves structural studies of actin mutants, molecular motors and their complexes. The Manstein laboratory is offering excellent working conditions and a stimulating research environment. We typically use hybrid approaches that combine X-ray crystallography, serial crystallography, electron microscopy, time-resolved spectroscopy, and in silico modelling. The work is in part conducted at synchrotron facilities in Germany and France. The salary is in accordance to the German Public Sector Collective Agreement (TV-L E13/58%). The position is available from July 1, 2020.


Related References:

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Enquiries and applications can be sent by e-mail or in writing to the secretariat of the institute.


Joanna Schille  

E-Mail: Joanna Schille

Medizinische Hochschule Hannover

Institut für Biophysikalische Chemie, OE 4350

30625 Hannover

Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1  


For full consideration, applications should include a cover letter, a detailed CV, copies of all educational certificates and transcripts of records, a summary of previous research, and the address details of two academic advisors who can provide letters of recommendation. The deadline for application is August 31, 2020. Early applications are encouraged; applications may be processed as they are received.

MHH is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified women are therefore particularly encouraged to apply. Applicants with disabilities are treated with preference given comparable qualification.