Dissertations and Habbilitations

Depending on the Promotionsordnung there must be delivered a specific number of printed copies as well as an identical digital version of the dissertation to the library. After examination of the handed exemplars on the part of the library information is sent to the promotion bureau.

For the printed copies is valid:

  • DIN A-4 Format
  • perfect binding (no spiral binding)

For the electronic version is valid:

  • USB-Stick or CD-ROM
  • PDF-file (the complete work in one pdf-file, not protected by password and printable) 

A part of the copies is sent to the German Central Library of Medicine (Cologne) and to the German National Library (Frankfurt on the Main). 

Since 2015 these libraries have not archived the printed dissertations when the dissertations were published online. In this case the libraries sent back the odd prints to the authors or  disposed them.

Habiblitation treatise will be also accepted (Guidelines to Habilitation).

Under the Promotionsordnungen you can block the publishing of your dissertation (1-3 years). Appropriate forms should be completly signed and send with the dissertations to the library (the library request for the signature of the deanery of research).

Blocking Note of a dissertation

1.Extension for the blocking noteof a dissertation

2.Extension for the blocking note of a dissertation