The Clinical Research Center offers internships in clinical research for graduates of the TRAIN Academy

Train graduate Mario Ynga-Durand MD, M.Sc., currently working at the Helmholtz-Center for Infectious Diseases in Braunschweig as PhD-Student, together with Dr. Bosch (MHH) und Prof. Schindler (MHH)

The curriculum "Translational Research and Medicine: From Idea to Product" is a two-year, part-time training program aimed at natural scientists, medical professionals and people from industry and the authorities. In the TRAIN Academy, experts from the ten TRAIN institutions and external partners bundle their expertise for further training offers in the field of translational research. The aim is to strengthen the training quality of the academic mid-level staff in an interdisciplinary manner. The Clinical Research Center provides insights into clinical drug development to TRAIN graduates how early phase drug research is conducted at the CRC in healthy subjects and patients in the early phase.