Central research facility cell sorting



Dr. Matthias Ballmaier

Telephone (Office): 0511- 532 - 9588

Telephone (Sorter-Labor): 0511 - 532 - 6731

mailto: sorter-lab@mh-hannover.de oder ballmaier.matthias@mh-hannover.de


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The central research facility Cell Sorting ("Sorter Laboratory") is a service laboratory for all research groups at the Hannover Medical School.
To count our tasks

    the flow cytometric sorts of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells up to risk group 2 or genetically modified organisms of safety level S2,
    the support in the planning and implementation of flow cytometric experiments.

Before using the sorter lab for the first time, users should be in personal contact with the sorter laboratory staff (Tel. 0511 / 532-6731).

The dates are to be booked early. The estimated sorting time is determined by the employees of the sorter laboratory according to the information provided by the users on the planned experiment (cell number, type of cell, required purity, possibly required conversions and settings).