Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. vet. h. c. Reinhard Pabst

Institute of Immunomorphologie

In September 2009 the institute of immunomorphology started by the lower Saxony ministry of science by awarding a Senior-Niedersachsen-Research Professorship. The institute is part of the center of anatomy and has the organization number 4160.


The main research projects are A. Regeneration of auto transplanted fragments of lymph nodes. In pigs and rats an animal model was established to document the regeneration of these fragments, when they are transplanted in the subcutaneous tissue. The growth factor VEGF-C enhances the regeneration. Thus, this animal model might be the basis for clinical application to treat secondary lymphedema. B. Bronchus-associated-lymphoid-tissue (BALT) in rabbits and rhesus monkeys, dependence on inhaled antigens and microbial status. C. Nose-associated-lymphoid-tissue (NALT) as a potential route for vaccination. D. Age dependence of the structure of normal lymph nodes in man.