Laboratories and Equipment

  • Cell culture

CO2 incubator

Safety workbenches

Inverted Microscope

Nucleo Counter for determination of cell countand viability

Gentle MACS™Octo Dissociator for tissue dissociation

  • Flow Cytometry and Cell imaging

Navios Flow cytometer, Beckman Coulter

IX81 microscope, fluorescence microscopy (Olympus)

  • Clinical Scale Up

CliniMACS Plus for cell separation

CliniMACS Prodigy platform for automated  cell separation, transduction, cultivation

CO2 incubator

Safety workbench

TSCDII (Terumo) for sterile connection

Separation stand for separation of blood components or supernatant after centrifugation of bags

Bag centrifuge

  • Molecular Biology I, II

MaxCyte® for GMP grade electroporation

Qubit™ fluorometer for quantification of RNA/DNA content

Thermocycler, Eppendorf

Step One Plus Real Time PCR platform, Applied Biosystems

UV Transilluminator