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Healthcare Services Transfusion Medicine and Transplant Engineering


The Institute of Transfusion Medicine and Transplant Engineering works 24/7 for transplantations and transfusions, for the perfectly matched organ and stem cell donor as well as safe blood products.


Blood Components

All blood components from whole blood and apheresis donations are available at the MHH 24/7. For the MHH, external hospitals and medical practitioners.
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Antigen-specific T-Cells | alloCELL

Personalized lymphocyte preparations obtained by cytapheresis are the basis for mono- and multi-antigen-specific T-cell preparations (alloCELL).
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Transfusion-related Diagnostics

Blood grouping, compatibility tests, antibody screening and antibody differentiation guarantee the highest possible safety standard for transfusion. This service is offered 24/7 and is also used by many other hospitals and medical practitioners.
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Transplantation-related Diagnostics

Histocompatibility testing by HLA antigen determination, HLA antibody screening and HLA antibody differentiation are the basis for organ and stem cell transplantations. Transplant diagnostics for organ donations are provided 24/7 for the entire Eurotransplant region.
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Therapeutic Procedures

Therapeutic cell depletion for the selective reduction of increased blood cells by bloodletting or cytapheresis can be beneficial in certain diseases.
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