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Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Hannover


Every year, a malignancy is detected in half a million people in Germany. The diagnosis often comes unexpectedly and represents a stressful situation for every person affected. The Comprehensive Cancer Center Hannover (CCC Hannover) is the central institution at the MHH for interdisciplinary treatment of cancer patients. As part of the CCC Niedersachsen, our center enables the close cooperation of all experts and professional groups involved in diagnosis and therapy. This cooperation guarantees you a treatment of the highest level of scientific and clinical knowledge. We have made it our mission to provide people with cancer a holistic care in all stages of the disease. Through early detection, diagnosis, treatment, aftercare, long-term care and rehabilitation in a cross-specialist and cross-professional team of specialists, it is possible to optimally use the possibilities for treating patients to increase the chances of recovery and the quality of life through early availability of the latest methods increase.

A very important task for us is cancer research at a national and international level. For this purpose, together with all partners of the CCC Niedersachsen, we have developed a research strategy that focuses on the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, the conduct of clinical studies and other forms of near-patient research.

A special concern for us is the high-quality education, training and further education of e.g. Medical students, physicians, nurses and other professionals involved in the treatment of cancer.

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Managing Director of CCC Hannover:

Speaker: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Hillemann

Managing Director: Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Haier, LL.M.

Secretariat: Bärbel Uhlenbruck

Telephone: 0511-532-9323

Mail: ccc@mh-hannover.de

The Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Hannover was inaugurated on November 15, 2019, on November 22, 2019 followed the CCC Lower Saxony.

This site is still under construction due to the reestablishment of the CCC and will be optimized shortly.