Orthodontic Specialist in Germany Network of Erasmus Based European Orthodontic Postgraduate Programs (NEBEOP)

Pilot project of the Dentistry Chamber of Lower Saxony and the Hannover Medical School for 3 years


Further training as a specialist dentist for orthodontics takes place at the Hannover Medical School (MHH) in accordance with the continuing education regulations of the Lower Saxony Dental Association (ZKN). Under the auspices of the European Orthodontic Society (EOS), further education in the field of orthodontics will be structurally and qualitatively optimized in the future, and a networking in the sense of a three-year modularised, Europeanized further education through coordination of teaching and exchange of teachers in Europe will be established. The goal is to further develop the Network of Erasmus Based European Orthodontic Postgraduate Programs (NEBEOP), which was founded in November 2008.


The NEBEOP is supported by the German Society of Orthodontics, the Professional Association of German Orthodontists and the Lower Saxony Chamber of Dentists. Structured training programs organized by the respective dental associations, without patient care, are currently available in Bavaria and Hesse. At the universities of Munich, Würzburg, Erlangen and Regensburg, as well as in Frankfurt, there are paid further training courses with external speakers without the treatment of patients. The monthly remuneration for trainees in Bavaria is about 600 € per month for three years or in Hesse about 1,000 € per month for two years.

As part of a pilot project of the Dentistry Chamber of Lower Saxony and the Hannover Medical School, the Orthodontics Clinic is carrying out a three-year modularized further education program to obtain the title "Specialist Dentist for Orthodontics". Entry requirement is a proven year of general dentistry.

In the three-year program, the basics of orthodontics are taught both by teaching at the university and by clinical activity in continuing education practices and at the university: The three-year training begins with a two-year full-time and full-time job in a continuing education practice and an approximately weekly university education. The further education-entitled practices have a cooperation with the university, for example by a part-time activity of the further education in the clinic for orthodontics of the MHH or by contributions of the further education to the apprenticeship in the further education program orthodontics of the MHH.

This is followed by a one-year full-time and exclusive stay for the trainee as a guest dentist at the clinic for orthodontics of the MHH. The trainees are employed for more than three years in the post-graduate practice and are paid by them. At the same time, they are signing a hospital contract for three years with the clinic for orthodontics of the MHH. For further training with external speakers, the MHH charges each participant a fee of € 700 per month over three years. With such a structured program, the Dentistry Chamber of Lower Saxony and the MHH are currently the only ones in Germany to offer a structured further education in medical practices in combination with subject-specific continuing education in theory and practice in a university under the auspices of EOS.