Access to E-Ressources

Please take into consideration the user conditions laid down by the publishing house/publishers when using the licensed e-journals and e-books in the library.


A fee is required for e-journals and e-books and the following conditions must be adhered:

  • Access to the complete text is permitted only for those members of the university.
  • Articles are for personal use only and may be printed out and stored for scientific purposes.
  • Systematic downloading of articles or searching for information using crawlers is not permitted.
  • Articles in electronic or printed form may not be forwarded to a third party.

Many publishing houses permit access to the complete text only to a few users at any one time. Therefore, it is important that each user clicks the "logout" button as soon as resarch is completed.

Guidelines for Access outside the Campus

For access outside the MHH campus please refer to library homepage for information.

Choose one of the following portals from the quick links of the library homepage.

  • Catalogue MHH library
  • Special data bases of medicine
  • Data bases overview (DBIS)
  • Electronic journals (EZB)


On selection of an e-resource from the portals a login page will appear. Enter your library identity card number or the number on the rear side of your student's identity card together with your password onto the login page.

On acceptance of registration access to website of the selected e-resources will be forwarded.

A one-time only registration is necessary per each internet session. However, you will be required to login again following break of longer than 20 minutes.


Registration not successfull: frequent reasons are