Training in the MHH library

The library of the Hannover Medical School provides training for library professions.

Depending on the school requirements, we train:

  • Specialist for media and information services (library specialization)
  • Bachelor of Information Management

Specialist for media and information services

With us in the MHH library, you will learn the profession in the academic library world - supplemented by internships, among other things. in the library of the HMTMH. The vocational school lessons take place at the multi-media vocational school Hanover on the Expo-Plaza in Blöcken.

People with an interest in a varied education with very different media are qualified here in the many work areas of a modern scientific library.

Training duration: 3 years. As a prerequisite, at least the school part of the technical college entrance qualification or Abitur. The amount of the training allowance is based on the collective agreement for training in the occupations according to the Vocational Training Act (TVA-L BBiG).

Telephone questions are happy to answer: Ms. Schmelzer (0511 / 532-3339) and Ms. Suppé (-3347)

Bachelor of Information Management

The library of the Medical University offers internships every year as part of the Bachelor's program in Information Management (focus on scientific libraries).

During the internship, the students get to know all the tasks that arise in a modern library.

If you are interested, please send your application (also as an e-mail) with a curriculum vitae, school-leaving certificate and overview of achievements, if applicable also internship and employment references to:

Library of the MHH - OE 8900

Ms. Schmelzer

Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1

30625 Hanover