Please note:

No entry if there are any signs of respiratory infection, fever, loss of taste and other suspected symptoms of COVID-19 infection.
• Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8am-10pm, Saturday/Sunday 9am-8pm.
• The number of people allowed in the library is limited and, in connection with a longer stay,
restricted to members of the MHH.


Non-members of the MHH
Access to the study areas can currently only be granted to members of the MHH. Non-members
can order materials by e-mail at from Monday to
Thursday until 4pm and on Fridays until 3pm, or by calling the circulation desk at (0511) 532-3329
outside these times until 7.30pm. We make every effort to process orders quickly, at the latest by
the following day.

We ask for your understanding for these measures, which serve your and our protection. 

The following rules apply Benutzungsordnung der MHH-Bibliothek and the  Regulations for the use of PC working areas



Any questions? Contact us.