Literature Administration

The literature administration program may be helpful for compilation of list of sources and bibliography for scientific purposes. This program enables import of references from literature databases using specific administration channels, as well as the automatic compilation of in-text citations and bibliography. In this case, the guidelines of the individual journals (outlay style) for the reference index are already featured in the program and are automatically modified.

The MHH has a campus licence for the literature administration program Refworks. This can be used free of charge by all members of the MHH. The most popular outlay style in the MHH is the Vancouver Style. This style was originally devised by a group of publishers of biomedical journals during a conference in Vancouver and contains the numerical grouping of the list of sources (Uniform Requierements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals).

The basic rules associated with the theme of citations can be found in the  Principles of the Hannover Medical School on Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice.



The MHH has a campus licence for the literature adminstration program RefWorks. This can used free of charge by all members of the MHH.

Visit the site New users must register beforehand. Follow the guidelines on the screen. Initial registration should be noted on the MHH network. For creating the account you need an email which contains or as a domain-part. Thereafter you can call up Refworks outside of the MHH campus. For Registration outside the Campus you need the following link:

Currently, outside registration can’t be done directly in the new version of RefWorks.

Please register with the old RefWorks and then change to the new version via the link New Move to the newest version of RefWorks from Proquest (top left).

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