MHH Enterprise Clinical Research Data Warehouse

The Enterprise Clinical Research Data Warehouse (ECRDW) of the Hannover Medical School (MHH) is one of the largest data repositories for patient oriented research. 
The goal of ECRDW is enabling the secondary use of medical data for publications, grands, research projects.

Since 2013 ECRDW integrates heterogeneous intern data sources of MHH and contains medical data of more than 2,2 million distinct patients with more than 2 billion associated data points (diagnoses, lab results, vital signs, medical records), as well as metadata to linked data, e.g. biospecimen or x-ray images. 

The ECRDW supports the following use cases :

-    Patient cohort identification based on parameters (e.g., diagnosis codes, locations, time periods).
-    Enrichment/population of your dataset (register) with additional parameters (e.g. laboratory values)
-    Delivery of anonymized datasets