Arbeitsgruppe PD Dr. Doan Duy Hai Tran


Wissenschaftliche Schwerpunkte

Our major research interest is to combine system biology, molecular physiology and pathology to identify key alterations at the genomic/transcriptomic level in liver cancer. For that we established modern technologies including spatial RNA sequencing and Oxford Nanopore sequencing to uncover the clonal heterogeneity and to identify novel cancer-specific genes.

Mining the “dark proteome” to identify novel biomarkers/target molecules in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)

A key remaining frontier in our understanding of biological systems is the “dark proteome”—that is, proteins encoded by long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) where the molecular function is largely unknown. Experiments modulating lncRNAs-encoded microprotein expression confirmed a role in proliferation and metastasis in liver cancer. Considering that there are very few accurate molecular biomarkers for HCC detection, understanding function for the entities involved and their potential role in diagnosis and patient stratification will bring substantial impact in HCC therapy.

The role of mRNA export machinery in transcription elongation, splicing and 3’end processing

Pre-mRNA processing and mRNA export are spatiotemporally coordinated with transcription by recruitment and kinetic coupling mechanisms, which facilitate binding of processing factors to the transcription elongation complex and coordinate the rates of nascent RNA processing with transcription elongation. These processes are highly complex and dysregulated in cancer. Using direct RNA-sequencing technology and DRB/TTchem-sequencing we are tracing how RNA polymerase II (RNAPII) elongation rates affect pre-mRNA processing and mRNA export.



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