We look forward to your Project Proposals for the DigiStrucMed program!


To apply for the program, please send your project proposal in machine-readable format* to digistrucmed@mh-hannover.de.

Application Deadline: March 1  2022


If you have any questions, please contact us: digistrucmed@mh-hannover.de

*Electronic signatures are accepted. Alternatively, you can send two versions of the application, 1. the .docx-file or an electronically printed .pdf-version (directly machine-readable) and 2. a signed scanned .pdf-version.


Requirements, Project Development and Application, Admission Process


1. Requirements

Requirements for Project Leader and Cooperation Partners

Project leader

  • Completed habilitation (Prof., PD, or equivalent) of one project member qualified to supervise the medical student*
  • At least 5 lead author publications (first author / last author)
  • Prior supervision of doctoral theses / master theses that were successfully completed


*Requirement to supervise MHH doctoral students is membership of MHH teaching staff (Lehrkörper der MHH)

Work group

  • Can guarantee full-time supervision of the students
  • Offers regular lab meetings and journal clubs
  • Has necessary infrastructure (e.g. access to clinical data) and equipment (computers/computing capacity, lab...)
  • Willing to participate in central events of the DigiStrucMed program


Requirements for Projects


  • Is suitable for the subject ‘Digital Transformation in Medicine’ and contains content of both medicine and informatics to create subprojects for both disciplines
  • High scientific quality of both subprojects


  • Is sufficiently distinct for medical and informatics students to complete their thesis successfully and independently (medicine: doctoral thesis, informatics: master thesis)
  • Enables students to complete project within timeframe (medicine: 12 months, informatics: 6 months)


  • All data, samples and other materials that are required to work on the project are available or will be available latest by the beginning of the project (if applicable: patient collectives to be analyzed have already been recruited or are recruitable within 6 months)

Project funding

  • Sufficient project funding is available


2. Project development and application


Step 1: Find a project partner

Interested project leaders and researchers present their project ideas and themselves during a project speed dating conference to initialize project devlopment.

This year's conference will take place on January 14th 2022 (for further information, please click here).


Step 2: Project development

Contact details of the participants are shared shortly after the event. Project teams that consist of interdisciplinary cooperating work groups  from the field of medicine and the field of informatics form and advance their project ideas.


Step 3: Project application

Project teams hand in their project proposals. To apply, please use the project proposal form linked below. 

Project application deadline: March 1st 2022.


3. Project Selection Process


Selection criteria for projects are in the given order:

  1. Scientific quality

  2. Innovation

  3. Feasibility of the project (prior own research, expertise, realistic timeline)

  4. Statistical methods

  5. Cooperation between medicine and informatics

  6. Other: Experience of project leader / supervisor


By mid March, the program committee will shortlist 15 to 20 projects out of all project proposals (no definite admission). Project leaders are invited to present their projects on a project conference at the end of March (students who are admitted to the program present themselves). Consequently, the number of projects presented on the project conference will be higher than the number of projects finally realized.

In parallel (by mid March), the program commission will shortlist 15-20 student applicants per discipline (medicine - informatics), who are invited to briefly present themselves on the project conference.

Following this, at the beginning of April, students and project teams have the chance to meet each other non-bindingly. Both, students and groups, are recommended to meet more than one student and team, respectively.

After this acquaintace interval,  projects and students prepare a shortlist with their top 3 priorities (project teams: top 3 students per discipline, students: top 3 projects)  and send their list to the program management. The program committee then performs a matching between students and projects based on the shortlists by the end of April.

Projects will begin between July 1st and August 1st 2022.