Dr. Karsten Cirksena

Team of Prof. Dr. Falk Büttner

Portraitfoto von Karsten Cirksena
Karsten Cirksena, Copyright: Cirksena, Karsten

Phone:  +49(0)511/532-8303

E-Mail:  Cirksena.Karsten@mh-hannover.de

Mailing Address: Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, MHH

Institut für Klinische Biochemie, OE 4340

Carl-Neuberg-Strasse 1

30625 Hannover


Campus Address:

Building J03, Level 04, Room 1300 (Office), Room 1250 (Lab)

Karsten is a postdoctoral fellow and molecular biologist combining genetic engineering and different omics data derived from a variety of mammalian cell types. He studied Biology at the University of Hamburg where he got his Bachelor degree with a study on the regulation of bone remodelling at the Helmholtz‑Centre hereon. He moved to the Hannover Medical School to study Biomedicine and later joined the Institute of Clinical Biochemistry to establish the genetic engineering in stem cells and proteomics data analyses, ending up with a Master degree and a PhD as part of the Regenerative Sciences program of the REBIRTH Cluster of Excellence.