Hannover Medical School

Principal Investigator: Dr. Robert Zweigerdt, TECHNOBEAT Coordinator                    

Principal Investigator: Prof. Ulrich Martin, LEBAO Director


Co-principal investigator: Dr. Ruth Olmer


Areas of expertise

- Induction of hiPSCs by somatic cell reprogramming


- hiPSCs targeting by homologous recombination using up-to-date technologies such as TALENs and CRISPR/Cas9


- hiPSC suspension culture and mass expansion in controlled bioreactors including cardiomyogenic differentiation


- Induction, characterisation and mass production of cardiac micro tissues


- hiPSC suspension culture and endothelial differentiation



Main tasks:


Work Package 1


- Derive transgene-free hiPSC lines via SOP-based protocols

- hiPSC line characterisation

- Reporter line engineering for in situ tracing

- hiPSC line cryopreservation, banking and distribution to network members


Work Package 5


- Cardiac differentiation in chemically defined medium

- Scale up hiPSC-CM production to 500 – 1,000 ml bioreactor scale

- Develop SOPs for hiPSC-CM

- µ-tissue generation and storage

- hiPSC-CMs / µ-tissues in vitro characterisation including arrhythmogenic and electromechanical properties

- µ-tissues in vivo characterisation; safety and function in rodents


Work Package 10


- Project coordination and management


- Project controlling and contractual management


- Resources management


- Communication and scientific exchange management


- Dissemination