Leiden University Medical Centre

Principal Investigator: Prof. Christine Mummery / Valeria Orlova   


Researchers: Milena Bellin, Leon Tertoolen


Postdocs: Luca Sala


PhD students: Oleh Halaidych, Xu Cao, Berend van Meer, Elisa Giacomelli





Areas of expertise


- Functional analysis of hPSC derived cardiomyocytes and vascular cells

- Cardiovascualr disease modelling

- Organs on chip technology


Main tasks


- Generation  and characterisation of cardiac endothelial cells

- Generation of vascularised cardiac microtissues


Work Package 6


- hiPSC differentiation into cardiac ECs and PCs in suspension culture

- EC production from reporter lines for lineage tracing

- Scale up EC and PC production in stirred bioreactors at GMP standards