Kadimastem LTD

Principal Investigator: Prof. Joseph Itskovitz, Chief Strategy Officer

Senior Scientist: Dr. Kfir Molakandov

Scientist: Michal Zimerman, Research Assistant




Areas of expertise

- Large-scale expansion of pluripotent stem cells in 2D adherent and 3D-suspension cultures

- GMP production

- Differentiation of brain supporting (glia) and neuronal cells – for the treatment of Neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS

- Differentiation of insulin producing beta-cells – for the treatment of diabetes



Main tasks


Work Package 2

- Development of serum free-based hiPSC suspension culture in stirred tank 100 ml bioreactor


- Establishing SOPs under GMP standards for the large scale expansion of hiPS cells


- Adaptation of scaled-up expansion protocol to 1000 ml stirred bioreactor