Paracelsus Medizinische Privatuniversität

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dirk Strunk/ PD Dr. Katharina Schallmoser      


Scientists: Patrizia Peking, PhD


Areas of expertise


- Translational cell therapy

- MSC transplantation (for GvHD, multiple sclerosis, vascular disease etc.)

- Clinical bone marrow, mobilized adult peripheral blood and neonatal umbilical cord transplantation


-Platelet biology and diagnostics

- Standard procedures for GMP-compliant large scale animal serum-free human mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) propagation



Main tasks


Work Package 7


- Advancing the processes for primary human MSC expansion:

GMP-grade, animal serum-free and safe propagation of human MSCs from various tissues with superior efficiency adapted to TECHNOBEAT requirements


- Providing fully characterized, animal serum-free MSCs of highest quality for advanced µ-tissue engineering and transplantation


- Elucidating mode of MSC action in conjunction with µ-tissues:

Analyzing protein production, secretion, metabolism and signaling of MSCs with particular focus on hypoxic conditions and on analysis of the secretome derived from µ-tissue cultures