DASGIP Information and Process Technology GmbH- an Eppendorf Company

Principal Investigator: Katharina Kinast 

Bioprocess Regulatory Affairs Specialist: Melanie Rüping


Areas of expertise


- Industry-leading supplier of bioreactors and fermentors for the global biotech, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry as well as academia and research institution

- Development of innovative bioreactor solutions designed especially for the cultivation of hiPSCs in large scales

- Decades of expertise in polymer technology for use in the life science industries

- Proven track record of successful business with customers in the stem cells research field




Main Tasks


Work Package 3

- Development of novel agitation devices and vessel designs to ensure homogeneous flow conditions at low shear

- Development of system integrated filtering technology for perfusion processes

- Adaptation and integration of novel technologies into single-use bioreactors

- Integration of holographic microscopy into bioreactor system



Work Package 9

- Definition of industry-relevant standards for the validation of tools and technologies developed in the project

- Market watch, IP monitoring and commercial exploitation of results