OVIZIO Imaging Systems NV/SA

Principal Investigator: Philip Mathuis                  

Senior Scientist: Serge Jooris


Areas of expertise


- Digital holographic microscopy

- Online monitoring of cells in closed loop systems

- Software development

- Software integration with external systems



Main tasks


Work Package 3


- OVIZIO and MHH assess the properties of hiPSC aggregates with OVIZIO‘s holographic microscopy

- Comparison of label-free assessment of entire 3D hiPSC aggregates in real time (4D) to gold standards (require offline aggregate dissociation)

- Adapt current OVIZIO systems, based on a micro-fluidics cell and membrane pump and specific tubing to analyze larger sized aggregates as well as software

- Collaborate with DASGIP to achieve technology integration into the DASGIP reactor systems for constant online process assessment