The Programme of the European Master of Science in Midwifery at MHH costs around 11,000€ for a duration of 4 semesters.

The costs consist of tuition, administration and module fees.


Actual module fees:  1 ECTS = 70€

To graduate, students are requested to obtain 120 ECTS. 120 ECTS*70€ = 8,400€

Additionally around 650€ semester fee each semester at MHH´s registrar’s office as this is the registering university.


The total costs depend on the study duration and total number of ECTS as some students finish their study with more than 120ECTS (up to 127 ECTS). It depends on the modules they complete.

A study duration of 2-3 years, costs will be around 10,800€ - 12,000€ for module and semester fees.


The Master programme is fully online based except from three presence times (students will have travel (and visa) expenses):

  1. The introduction week (takes place in Hannover, Maastricht or Lausanne in rotation)
  2. The Advanced research methods exam (Hannover, Maastricht and Lausanne, students can choose the location)
  3. The oral presentation of the Master thesis (in Hannover, Germany)

Please note that MHH and partner universities do not provide visa or accommodation.


Modules at our partner universities in Maastricht or Lausanne may differ slightly in costs. Please find information on that on the respective homepages.

Please be aware that costs may differ as well in case of currency exchanges.