Veranschaulichung der im Berichtswesen beinhalteten Bestandteile

Key figures

The requirements for a meaningful reporting in a highly complex system like that of a university must be clearly structured.  The corresponding key figures not only create a comprehensible transparency, they also serve for self-referential analysis as well as for future decisions and internal same as external communication.

Below you will find data and facts on our key economic key figures, staffing levels, students, research and teaching, and patient care:

The MHH in facts and figures

Economic key figures

Get an overview of MHH's income, expenses and assets here.

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Staffing levels

See here how the number of employees and apprenticeships has developed.  

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Here you can see how the number of students has developed.


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Research and Teaching

Get an overview of the number of professorships and doctorates as well as the main areas of research ...

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Patient care

Find out here how the number of treatments, births and transplants has developed.

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