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Honesty and fairness are basic requirements in science. Each MHH researcher must commit to these principles with respect to his/her own research. To prevent potential scientific misconduct, the German Science Foundation (DFG) established guidelines on good scientific practice that have found their way into all fields of research.

In times of limited financial resources and increasing competition in science, it is of utmost importance to consistently keep up the rules on good scientific practice. In this context, the Hannover Medical School continuously provides various training courses on good scientific practice to students and researchers.

"The policy of Hannover Medical School on the safeguarding of good scientific practice and procedural rules for dealing with scientific misconduct" provides the basic rules effective at the MHH. The policy was revised in October 2017. An English version of the revised document will be available in a timely manner. All MHH employees and students involved in research must be familiar with this policy.

Office of the Ombudsperson / Ombudsperson

Contact the Office of the Ombudsperson in case of scientific conflicts or to report potential scientific misconduct. 

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Commission for Good Scientific Practice

The Commission for Good Scientific Practice is in charge of the formal investigation of scientific misconduct.

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Lectures and Courses on Good Scientific Practice

We offer an eLearning course and face-to-face lectures and workshops on GSP on a regular basis.

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GSP Guidelines

The most recent guidelines of MHH, DFG and other organisations on good scientific practice are provided as PDF.

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