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Welcome to the Office of the Dean of Research at Hannover Medical School

Our strength - research

MHH is one of the most research-intensive medical universities in Germany.

At Hannover Medical School we specialise in transplantation and stem cell research/regenerative medicine, infection and immunity research as well as biomedical engineering and implant research.

Our scientific endeavours benefit from the MHH's integration model: research, clinics and teaching are closely interlinked.

MHH at a glance (2022)

Copyright: Tauwaldt / MHH
Copyright: Tauwaldt / MHH

Our research profile

Below you will find an overview of the MHH's research profile. Cutting-edge research requires interdisciplinary co-operation and networking in order to achieve scientific success. Through our academic career development programmes, we contribute to a sustainable research landscape.

MHH fosters three recognised research priorities, while also supporting other innovative areas. Our core research areas are:

Research portfolio

As a whole, MHH is characterised by excellent research and is extraordinarily interconnected through its partner organisations and research networks.

Our research portfolio

Excellence Strategy

Since the beginning of the Excellence Strategy, MHH has been involved with several clusters and has played a pioneering role with the HBRS. We remain committed to this involvement.

More about the Excellence Strategy

Core research units

The core research units provide all researchers with regulated and efficient access to state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Core research units

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