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Prof. Dr. Frank Bengel (Dept. of Nuclear Medicine) - Dean of Research.

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Research foci - clinical strengths

Here you will find information about the MHH's core research areas.
Infection & immunity, transplantation & regeneration and biomedical…

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Good Scientific Practice (GSP)

Honesty and fairness are basic requirements in science. The MHH guidelines, the Office of Ombudsman and the Commission for Good Scientific Practice…

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Information about the DFG Liaison Officers at the MHH and the DFG Board Elections are available here.

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Our Strength - Advanced Medical Research

The MHH, the only German university dedicated exclusively to health services ranks among the best research institutions in Germany.

Transplantation and stem cell research/regenerative medicine, infectiology and immunology, as well as biomedical engineering and implants are core areas of MHH research.

A close interaction of research, clinic, and education enables the development of innovative and sustainable treatment options for the benefit of all patients.

Our research profile

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Focus I

Be it trough the Cluster of Excellence RESIST, reseach on Sialic acid, research consortia or partners like the CiiM. MHH houses distinguished research sites in the areas of infection & immunity.

Infection & Immunity

Focus II

No other medical facility in Germany performs more transplantations than Medical School Hannover. Thusly research in transplantation & regeneration is one of our main research foci.

Transplantation & Regeneration
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Focus III

The current or former Clusters of Excellence, our participation in research consortia and our partners result in an exceptionally strong research site for biomedecial technology & implants.

Biomedecial Technology & Implants


Our research profile

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Excellent research is an integral part of MHH's identity. Find out more about our most prestigious projects.

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Outstanding research requires close-meshed cooperation with our research partner and consortia.

Our Partners


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