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Information from the ethics committee on how to deal with the current corona virus related situtation can be found here.

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The Ethics Committee considers ethical and legal issues associated with research projects involving human volunteers (healthy individuals and…

Mission of the Ethics Committee
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When to apply for ethical advice

It is often unclear which study projects have to be submitted to the EC for approval.

Information on the categorisation of studies
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Application for ethical advice

This is where you will find information on how to apply to the Ethics Committee of the Hannover Medical School and links to the required forms.

Application forms and information
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Qualifications for auditors

Which qualifications are required in the AMG / MPG / GCP context?

Information on necessary qualifications
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Meeting dates

The Ethics committee of the Hannover Medical School meets once a month. The respective deadline is 14 days earlier.

List of meeting dates
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In order to pay the costs of the proceedings, the Ethics Committee generally levies a reimbursement of expenses.

List of fees with explanations
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In the statutes you will find, among other things, information on the tasks of the Ethics Committee, its composition, working methods,…

Statute of the EC at Hannover Medical School
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Members of the Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee consists of experts from various fields.

List of the members
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Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Engeli

Executive Physician

PD Dr. med. Urs-Vito Albrecht, MPH


Ethics Committee of Hannover Medical School (MHH)
- OE 9515 -
Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1
30625 Hannover

Marion Lange
Telefon 0511 / 532-3443
Fax: 0511 / 532-16 3443
E-Mail: Ethikkommission[at]

Liane Höft
Telefon 0511 / 532-9812
Fax: 0511 / 532-16 3443
E-Mail: Ethikkommission[at]

Consultation Hours: Monday - Thursday, 9:00 - 14:00