Office hours of the Registrar's Office


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Copyright: Marek Studzinski/Pixabay

Due to the current Corona situation, the office hours of the Registrar's Office onsite will be cancelled until further notice.

  • You can still reach us by telephone and email ( Documents and applications can either be sent to us by post, if not possible by e-mail, or dropped in the letterbox next to the Registrar's office. If you wish to have any documents returned, please also submit a stamped and self-addressed envelope. We are located here.

Registrar's Office Team

Roswitha Balthes-Kullak

Bafög Formblatt 5, Academic leave of absence, Multicard

Stefanie Fentzahn

Head of Registrar's Office

Swapping university places, application for higher semester, international prospective students, dual degree/parallel studies

Steffen Françozo Schrieber

Enrollment Promotion/PhD, Erasmus, student statistics, exemption from administration fees (stipend/scholarship)

Britta Minx

Practical Year's office, 6th year of study

Angela Tonn

Certificates, long-term tuition fees, guest students, Studienkolleg, deputy PY-office

Gabriele Ulrich

Enrollment 1st semester human medicine and dentistry, withdrawel from university, fees, change of address, refund