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Statement of the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany: solidarity with partners in Ukraine – consequences for science and the humanities
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Statement of the German „Ombudsman für die Wissenschaft“ on Joint Publishing Projects Involving Russian Researchers (in German only)
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Ombuds Office

Responsibilities and Services

Foto: Karin Kaiser/MHH
Foto: Karin Kaiser/MHH
  • Initial investigation of potential scientific misconduct
  • Consulting and mediation in scientific conflicts
  • Conflict consulting for doctorate students and PostDocs
  • Exemplary Doctoral Agreement
  • General advice on all issues of good scientific practice
  • Presentations and workshops on good scientific practice
  • Upon request:  Refresher courses or workshops on specific GSP issues for individual working groups, institutes, or clinics
  • Random testing of MHH doctorate theses and habilitations focused on GSP aspects
  • Exceptional recognition of GSP certificates if the thesis was registered after January 15, 2021
  • Member of the network "Ombudspersons of Lower Saxony" 
  • newly offered from 2021-01-10: one time plagiarism test for doctorate students prior to submission of thesis



Foto: Karin Kaiser/MHH

Dr. rer. nat. Beate Schwinzer

Scientific Manager (OE 9100)

Phone:+49 (0) 511 532 6002

Fax:    +49 (0) 511 532 6003


Foto: Annika Morchner


Dr. rer. nat. Olga Halle

Lecturer for Good Scientific Practice, Consulting

E-Mail: ombudsstelle[at]



The MHH ombudsperson mediates scientific conflicts and investigates cases of suspected scientific misconduct. Suspected misconduct may be reported either to the local MHH ombudsperson or, e. g. in case of a potential bias, to the deputy ombudsperson or the German research ombudsman. Accordingly, a decision of the MHH ombudsperson can be neither revised nor overruled by the German ombudsperson or vice versa. For appointments with the ombudsperson, please, contact the ombuds office.

The scientific manager at the Ombuds Office offers conflict consulting for PhD students and PostDocs upon request.

The suspicion of scientific misconduct can be conveyed orally or in writing. The ombudsperson will treat all notifications confidentially and, if indicated, initiate a pre-investigation. At the end of the pre-investigation, the ombudsperson reports his results to the MHH president, who, in turn, may instruct the Commission for good scientific practice to commence an official investigation. The ombudsperson will inform the accused and the claimant of the pre-investigation's outcome in a timely manner.

The ombudsperson and the deputy ombudsperson are nominated by the MHH senate for a term of 5 years.

In August 2020, Prof. Werfel was re-nominated by the MHH senate as ombudsperson and Prof. Gebel as his deputy for another office term.

Both, Prof. Werfel and Prof. Gebel are members the Lower Saxony network of ombudspersons, who meet on a regular basis to discuss GSP issues and to exchange their experiences on how to deal with scientific conflicts and scientific misconduct.


MHH Ombudsperson


Prof. Dr. med. Thomas A. Werfel

Head of Immunodermatology and

Experimental Allergology

Clinic for Dermatology, Allergology, and Venerology

GSP Courses and Presentations

Face-to-face Lectures and Workshops

GSP for Supervisors of Master and Doctorate Students