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The MHH experts provide answers to the most important questions about SARS-Cov-2 and COVID-19.

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Dr Thomas Jack and Dr Antje Wulff next to a PDMS monitor in the paediatric intensive care unit; Copyright: Karin Kaiser / MHH.

Digital assistance helps in paediatric intensive care units

Research project to ensure timely treatment.

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Dr Anke Bergmann, Dr Johanna Tecklenburg and Professor Dr Brigitte Schlegelberger stand next to each other.

Better protection against hereditary cancer

MHH project aims to expand genetic counselling and diagnostics nationwide -Innovation Fund supports OnkoRisk NET with 2.5 million euros.

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Ralf Lenge (left), Tilmann Köller and Professor Dr. Michael Manns (right) with the donation cheque and Dr. Eckhard Schenke.

John Deere donates 250,000 euros for Corona research

Agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere chooses not to attend AGRITECHNICA and donates 250,000 euros to the MHH's COVID 19 research programme.

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Dr. Evgeni Ponimaskin (left) and Dr. Alexander Wirth. The monitor behind shows two mouses. Copyright: Karin Kaiser / MHH

Anti-ageing: Spermidine reduces hair loss and protects the heart

MHH research group demonstrates cardio-protective effect and reduced telomere degradation.

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Dorothea Jäger and Rüdiger Garbs with Dr Bastian Ringe (centre) hold blue envelopes in their hands. Copyright: Karin Kaiser / MHH

Cultural vouchers for medical staff

Bürgerstiftung Hannover supports nursing staff and independent cultural institutions.

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Research for the weakest

Cluster of Excellence RESIST led by the MHH receives funding of one million euros from the "Niedersächsisches Vorab".

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Three-dimensional segmentation and reconstruction of a lung with Covid-19 pneumonia.

Measuring the human being in micrometre steps

Researchers from Hanover, Mainz, Wuppertal and Witten develop high-resolution tomography - application conceivable for Covid-19, Alzheimer's and cancer.

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Dr. Robert Zweigerdt and Professor Dr. Nico Lachmann and (from left) with a bioreactor in the laboratory.

Cells of the future

New MHH research collaboration aims to develop novel treatment for bacterial lung infections using universal human stem cells.

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The images show the structure of the S protein (grey), which enables SARS-CoV-2 to bind to the human cell. The amino acid mutations found in the three SARS-CoV-2 variants discussed in this interview are indicated in red. Left: UK variant (B.1.1.7); center: South Africa variant (B.1.351); right Brazilian variant (B.1.1.248). Copyright: Krey

Coronavirus: How dangerous are the mutations?

Professor Dr Thomas Schulz, head of the MHH Institute of Virology and Speaker of the Cluster of Excellence RESIST, answered our questions on this topic.

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The first author of the study Marie-Madlen Pust with a representation of the diverse bacterial colonisation of the lungs of children with cystic fibrosis and healthy children; Copyright: Karin Kaiser / MHH

How healthy lungs develop in children

MHH research group compares bacterial colonisation of the lungs in children with mucoviscidosis and healthy children for the first time.

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Dr. Lika Drakhlis and Dr. Robert Zweigerdt with bioreactors and a special cell culture dish that serves as a platform for growing the hPSC aggregates. Copyright: Karin Kaiser/MHH

Embryonic development in cell culture

MHH research group can for the first time reproduce early human heart development in a culture dish using human pluripotent stem cells.

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Coronavirus: How at risk are children?

Prof. Dr. Peter Hillemanns (Director of the MHH Women's Clinic) and Dr. Nikolaus Schwerk (Paediatrician in the MHH Clinic for Paediatric Pneumology) clarify the current status.

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Dr. Nora Möhn and Professor Dr. Thomas Skripuletz during treatment in the MHH Infusion Outpatient Clinic. Copyright:Karin Kaiser / MHH

Immunotherapy does not increase the risk of severe COVID-19 course

MHH study examines disease courses of more than 800 SARS-CoV-2-infected multiple sclerosis patients.

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from left: Björn Thümler (Secretary for Science and Culture, Lower Saxony), Prof. Dr. Michael M. Manns (President MHH), Prof. Dr. Volker Ellenrieder (Director University Cancer Center Göttingen, UMG)

German Cancer Aid funds CCC Lower Saxony as Oncology Center of Excellence

High accolades in cancer medicine: The German Cancer Aid appoints the Comprehensive Cancer Center Lower Saxony (CCC-N) as Oncology Center of Excellence.

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MHH: Funding for reasearching medical specialists

Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation and the State of Lower Saxony support Advanced Clinician Scientists program CORE100Pilot with 500,000 euros each.

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Professor Dr Frank Lammert is the new Vice-President of the MHH

"Opportunity to develop a health campus with worldwide model character".

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A woman sits at the window and leans against it with both hands. Copyright: Karin Kaiser/MHH

How does the pandemic influence our thinking and feeling?

MHH research group wants to record the effects of the lockdown with second Germany-wide Corona survey.

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Professor Dr. Gregor Szycik (left) and Professor Dr. Stefan Bleich stand next to each other at a distance in a corridor of the MHH hospital..

Successful return to work after mental illness

Clinic for Psychiatry and cooperation partners receive 4.3 million euros from the innovation fund of the Federal Joint Committee

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