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MHH’s official bodies


Each of the three Presidium members serves for six years at a time. You can find out more about the key aspects of the Presidium’s role here.

The Senate

The Senate is MHH’s highest academic body. You can find out what exactly it does, and who serves on it, here.

The University Council

Find out here about the University Council’s responsibilities and who its members are.

Clinical Committee

The Clinical Committee advises the member of the Presidium responsible for the Division of Patient Care, chiefly on budgetary matters or the establishment and closure of centres and departments.


Our organization chart

An overview of our structure

This diagram illustrates MHH’s organizational structure.


MHH: a profile

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MHH’s founding years

MHH’s first students had to go to Hannover’s veterinary college (TiHo) for tuition. A brief illustrated history of MHH.

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Vice-Chancellors and Presidents at MHH

A chronological overview: read about the people who helmed MHH from 1964 to the present.

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MHH’s motto and mission statement

Unitas, Libertas, Caritas – find out more about our motto and mission statement here.


Major project: The MHH new-build

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New MHH to be created at Stadtfelddamm

There will be a hospital new-build project –  but where? After lengthy discussion, the site was decided upon: the university hospital of the future will be created at Stadtfelddamm.



Blick auf den MHH-Campus mit Bettenhaus und Parkplätzen von oben in der Morgendämmerung.

Saving and improving lives – every day

Hannover Medical School (MHH) is one of Germany’s leading universities. In research, patient care and teaching, the selective priority funding approach adopted by MHH has in recent years has helped it join the ranks of the very best German university hospitals.