The University Council

Since 2002, the Lower Saxony University Regulations (NHG) require every publicly administered Higher Education Institution to set up a University Council with a four-year term of office for each member.

The University Council serves as an advisory body to the Presidium and Senate. It submits opinions and recommendations on: economic and development plans, proposals for the establishment of or cooperation with businesses, draft agreements between the MHH and the Ministry of Science and Culture concerning goals and objectives, and proposals by the Senate for appointments or assignments of members of the Presidium.
The University Council consists of seven voting members. One member is elected by the Senate of the MHH, five are appointed by the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture in agreement with the Senate of the MHH, and one is assigned by the Ministry as its representative.

In April 2018, Dr. Josef Lange assumed office as a member of the University Council and was elected new Chairman of the University Council. Since November 2022, State Secretary Prof. Joachim Schachtner has been a member of the University Council as representative of the Ministry. The Senate elected Prof. Frank wacker in Oktober 2022 and the Lower Saxony Ministry confirmed Dr. Martina Wenker (Deputy Chairperson of the University Council) for a another term in office in May 2020. In November 2019, Dr. Philipp Rösler and in May 2020, Astrid Lurati and Prof. Jan Buer were appointed by the ministry as members of the University Council.

The members of the University Council

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