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The Medical Data Integration Center (MeDIC) welcomes you to the website of Hannover Medical School.

The HiGHmed Project

and the establishment of the MeDIC

As part of the ”HiGHmed” funding project, a medical data integration center (MeDIC) is established at Hannover Medical School (MHH) in cooperation with several other university hospitals, the German Cancer Research Center and other partners in healthcare, science and industry.


Primary aim of the MeDIC is the structured integration of different data sources (medical reports, x-rays, laboratory results, genomic data) within Hannover Medical School to improve patient care and research. Various institutes and departments of the MHH are cooperating to reach this goal.

The strategic aim of HiGHmed is to establish an infrastructure for the cross-institutional exchange of medical data in the coming years to improve patient care and research opportunities in cooperation with the partners of the HiGHmed project. To achieve this goal, data must be interoperable in the participating institutions. The conditions and necessary measures for interoperability and interchangeability of the data are therefore coordinated across the institutions (common information management).

To foster patient participation from the beginning, another aim is to establish an innovative patient portal so that patients can access their own data on the course of treatment as well as further information about their disease.

Of course, data protection, data security as well as data privacy (informational self-determination) of the patients are of highest importance.

The cross-institutional exchange of medical data is expected to improve patient care within three exemplary use cases:

Use Cases


People with heart failure should be accompanied in their recovery process even after in-patient hospitalisation. These patients will receive mobile sensors that will measure their everyday…



With their consent, it should be made possible for people suffering from cancer to call on the expertise of specialists from other locations within the framework of so-called molecular tumour…


Infection Control

This use case is about an automatic early warning and cluster system for the detection of accumulations of infections with multi-resistant pathogens (e.g. MRSA). This also includes the…



Research also benefits directly from the possibilities of exchanging data across institutions. On the one hand, information about similar cases can contribute to successful treatment. On the other hand, it will be possible to obtain a reliable number of cases for very rare diseases for statistical analyses and to gain new insights into the causes and course of diseases.

Cooperating institutes and departments

at the MHH

Our Technology


openEHR is an open standard for developing electronic patient records and free platform architectures that facilitates the development of interoperable healthcare application and research…


Publications, Events and Talks


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