Welcome to the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Hannover

Claudia von Schilling-Center

As part of the CCC Lower Saxony, the oncological center `CCC Hannover´ is the MHH’s central facility for combining interdisciplinary treatment of cancer patients with high-quality oncological research.

The close cooperation of all clinics and institutes, experts and professional groups involved in oncological diagnostics and therapy guarantees our patients a treatment at the highest level of scientific and clinical knowledge.

Sub-areas of the CCC Hannover are the Oncological Center, which is an interdisciplinary network consisting of specialists from different departments, taking the holistic approach to care for patients and their relatives; the Central Tumour Documentation; and the so called "Core Units", which are specialized cross-sectional areas offering interdisciplinary support for the clinical care and the realization and implementation of research projects.



Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Hannover

Speaker: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Hillemanns
Managing Director: Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Haier, LL.M.

Secretariat: Bärbel Uhlenbruck
Telephone: 0511-532-19343
Mail: ccc@mh-hannover.de

Oncology Center

If you have any questions about cancer or treatment, please feel free to contact us.

Telephone: +49 511 532-3468
Mail: Onkologisches.Zentrum@mh-hannover.de

In case of emergancy

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The Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Hannover was inaugurated on November 15, 2019, on November 22, 2019 followed the CCC Lower Saxony.

This site is still under construction due to the reestablishment of the CCC and will be optimized shortly.