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Welcome to the Department of Human Genetics

Picture by Karin Kaiser / MHH
Prof. Dr. Nataliya Di Donato, Director Department of Human Genetics

In the Department of Human Genetics, we combine outstanding application-focused research with professional patient care.

Our international and interdisciplinary research teams investigate the effects of genomic and epigenetic changes on the development of cells, organs and diseases using state-of-the-art technology and innovative methods. Our scientific findings make an important contribution to the understanding of ultra-rare genetic diseases, the identification of risk factors for cancer and the correlation between genotypes and phenotypes.

We use our research findings to help diagnose and treat genetic diseases. We are the point of contact for patients and families with suspected rare diseases as part of our genetic clinic. Our accredited diagnostic laboratories use a wide range of cytogenetic and molecular genetic methods. We handle the entire process from sample preparation to data collection, evaluation and medical interpretation in the field of rare diseases and in the genetic diagnosis of hematological tumors.

As an university hospital, we are committed to teaching students and providing practice-oriented continuing education for doctors and researchers in order to ensure modern medical care.

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GenE³ App - Genetic disorders explained simply

April, 2024

Dr Beate Vajen and her team have made it into the maturation phase of the Future Health Lab by hannoverimpuls GmbH. One step closer to realizing the idea.

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Mehrere Hände schenken Europafahnen. Bild von / Freepik.

Prevention of cancer and other non-communicable diseases

Köln, February 13th 2024

25 countries have joined forces to detect, treat and even prevent cancer at an early stage. We are part of it.

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Vorstellung des Konzeptes von OnkoRiskNET im aufhof.

What is OnkoRiskNET about? Our project at aufhof

07.02.2024, Hannover

The project OnkoRiskNET on care close to home was presened at aufhof in Hannover's city.

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Artwork DFG

DFG Review Board: Prof. Dr. Di Donato elected

November, 2023

The scientists have voted and elected Prof. Dr. Di Donato to the DFG Review Board for Human Genetics.

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Picture of award for 2nd best lecturer at MHH.

Teaching award for best lecturer

Dr. Beate Vajen from the Department of Human Genetics won the 2nd place in the vote for best lecturer at MHH. Find out more about our educational courses.

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Bild von Freepik auf Freepik

Award for master module biomedicine

Students elected our master module biomedicine as the best obligatory module 2022/23. Find out more about our modules for students!

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