Institute for Biophysical Chemistry and Division of Structural Biochemistry

Master Thesis Projects

We are looking for motivated biochemistry students interested in combining protein biochemistry with structural biology and computational analysis to work on one of the following topics:


Isoform-specific modulation of cytoskeletal actin dynamics by tropomyosins


Functional characterization of disease-related mutations in cytoskeletal actin and myosin isoforms 


You will learn and use the following methods:

-Recombinant production and purification of human proteins

-In vitro reconstitution and analysis of cytoskeletal actin dynamics using multicolour TIRF-microscopy and reconstituted systems from purified proteins

-Steady-state and transient kinetic approaches

-Molecular dynamics simulations

-Next-generation software for the visualization and analysis of molecular structures



Dr. Johannes Greve


Tel.: 0511-532-3706


Robin Heiringhoff


Tel.: 0511-532-5174