Further education and training

Doctor specialist trainings

Specialist in pediatrics and youth medicine:

Within the framework of a so-called "common trunk", there is first of all a structured 3-year training with a fixed rotation through all departments of the pediatric clinic including the intensive care units and the sonography department as well as participation in clinic shifts and care of the emergency room. The last two years are followed by specialization.

Specialization as a pneumologist / allergologist / neonatologist / pediatric rheumatologist:

At our clinic, the additional qualifications "Pediatric Pneumology", "Allergology", "Neonatology" and "Pediatric Rheumatology" can be acquired. A part of the training for these specializations can be completed during the specialist period. This is followed by 1 year of training in the case of allergology and 2 years each in the case of pneumology and neonatology.  The additional training in pediatric rheumatology covers 18 months after the specialist training.