Patient Advisory Board

On September 26, 2016, the founding meeting of the Patient Advisory Board for Cystic Fibrosis Patients took place at the Christiane Herzog Center.

The aim of this newly founded advisory board is to achieve close cooperation between the patients of the pediatric, adult and transition outpatient departments on the one hand and the treating physicians, nurses and staff on the other. This will make it easier in the future to bring even more differentiated and specific wishes and suggestions from the patient side to the clinic  and to work towards the consideration of these ideas - as far as they can of course be implemented in practice - and thus to act as a kind of advisory mediator. The importance of a strong representation of interests in politics or health insurance companies should not be forgotten. The joint discussions between the two parties should take place on eye level, - in a spirit of partnership, trust and constructiveness. Of course both parties are subject to data protection and confidentiality in order to protect the patients. The work of the Hanover Cystic Fibrosis Advisory Board is also guided by the Muko e.V. Bonn, which provides professional guidance by means of a range of seminars and extensive documentation - also based on the latest nationwide patient survey. 

  •  Do you currently have wishes or ideas for an optimization of your own care or the treatment of your child?
  •  Do you have questions or suggestions for the new patient advisory board?
  •  Or are you interested in an active cooperation in your interest representation ?

Then please get in touch with the following contact persons:

  • As patient representative to Mr. Stefan Politze at
  • As physician representative to Dr. Sibylle Junge directly in the clinic or  phone +49 511-532-3220.