Dr. med. Martin Wetzke

is a specialist in pediatrics and adolescent medicine and works as a senior physician in the department of pediatric pneumology and allergology.
He studied medicine in Munich at the LMU and TUM, received his doctorate at the LMU Munich and has been working as an assistant physician since 2007 and as a specialist at the MHH Children's Hospital in Hanover since 2012, followed by further training in "Pediatric Pneumology" and "Pediatric Allergology".
His clinical focus is on general pediatric pneumology, and he is also involved in the pediatric lung transplantation program.
Martin Wetzke is a scholarship holder of the MHH's "Young Academy" program for young scientists.
His research focus is on infectiological aspects of childhood lung diseases, in particular RSV infections. As "Physician Scientist" at the Institute for Experimental Virology (Prof. Pietschmann) he is working on risk factors for the severe course of RSV infection. He is also involved in the scientific management of the research project pedCAP-Netz.
Another scientific focus is interstitial lung diseases in childhood (www.childeu.net).