Dr. med. Sabine Pirr

is a specialist for pediatrics and adolescent medicine with a focus on neonatology.

She studied human medicine in Halle, Leipzig, Cologne and Zurich. Her training and further education as a pediatrician and neonatologist took place in the pediatric clinic of the Medical University of Hannover.
Her clinical focus lies in the field of premature infants and neonatal intensive care.

Her scientific interest is the immune system of premature and newborn babies, especially the causes of their high susceptibility to infections and the investigation of new therapy concepts. She was significantly involved in the comprehensive work on the postnatal maturation of the innate immune system, in which a new and for newborns specific molecular mechanism of immune regulation was identified. Furthermore, she could show that breast milk protects the newborn from septic diseases by supporting this specific regulatory mechanism.

For her work, Dr. Pirr was awarded several prizes, among others the "Adalbert-Czerny-Preis 2017" of the German Society for Child and Adolescent Medicine and the "Nutricia Science Prize 2018".

She is funded by the "HiLF" program of the MHH as well as the German Research Foundation (DFG) and is a participant in the Ellen Schmidt Program of the MHH for the habilitation of female scientists.