Career coaching for life scientists

Career promotion inside and outside of the university is of the utmost importance at the MHH – supporting MHH’s scientists is therefore the primary focus of what we do. We provide services ranging from the enhancement of professional and methodological skills to individual career coaching.

Please note, career coaching services are provided in German only.

Coaching services

  • Identifying, refining and achieving goals in the context of personal career planning
  • Acting in an ethical and responsible manner, balancing requirements, leading a successful and satisfying life
  • Coaching of strategies to identify, align and set goals, and to develop solutions for dealing with existing problems and upcoming changes  
  • Evaluation of current position, career plan and opportunities for career advancement
  • Coaching of personal appearance and presentation skills
  • Preparation of the application and appointment process

Coaching process

Each career coaching is different and customized to fit your wishes, goals and requirements.

  • Initial interview
  • Coaching needs: identifying individual goals
  • Comparison of the actual with the desired state
  • Development of goals and solutions
  • Discussions, other measures may be scheduled and coordinated as needed
  • Evaluation; determining whether goals have been reached
  • Wrap-up session, formal end of the coaching engagement

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Your contact for career coaching

Christiane Bock von Wülfingen

Tel.: +49 511 532-7902