Can I apply with a BSc?
Only on very rare occasions if you have a BSc with Honours from a Scotish, Irish or Australian University and at least 6 months molecular research experience.

Is this program open to all international students?
Yes, as well as many German students, we currently have students from Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, France, Greece, India, Italy, Iran, Kenya, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Russia,  Switzerland, Uganda, Venezuela, Vietnam and many other countries.

How will my studies be financed?
Financing is provided for all places throughout the entire study period of your PhD, either via a stipend or emplyment. Currently, the program is supported through scholarships provided by Hannover Medical School as well as stipends granted by the Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP) offered by the DAAD. The monthly stipend/salary amounts to approximately 1,700 €. This is to cover all living costs including compulsory health insurance.

What final degree will I achieve?
Students with a first degree in a life science can choose the PhD or Dr. rer. nat. title. Students with a medical or vet. med. background will be awarded the title of PhD.

What language is used?
English is the language for both teaching and communication between students and colleagues.
German language courses are available for international students and are strongly recommended.

How will I be accommodated?
It is possible to apply for a room in one of our student's residences. The office is able to assist you in finding something suitable. Hannover is a city with a good transport network, allowing students easy access from most of the city to the Medical School, Veterinary School or University and thus making private accommodation a good option. The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research also offers support in finding accommodation in Braunschweig.