Institutional seminars

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Past seminars:

Prof. Dr. Nico Lachmann
MHH, Clinic for Pediatric Pneumology, Allergology and Neonatology
Immune Cells from Stem Cells for Therapy and Drug Safety Evaluation

Dr. Jessica Rademacher
Hannover Medical School (MHH), Clinic for Pneumology
Antibiotic Stewardship
9 July 2020

Dr. Meik Kunz, Erlangen, Department of Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology
Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)
Integrative bioinformatics analysis and modeling of human physiology
18 June 2020

Prof. Christian Wahl-Schott, MHH (Institute of Neurophysiology)
Second messenger-activated cation channels: from health to disease
20 February 2020

Dr. Filippo Perbellini, MHH/Imperial College London
Living myocardial slices: a novel multicellular model for cardiac translational research
28 November 2019

Dr. Monika Bokori-Brown, Exeter
Unlocking the molecular secrets of Clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin
7 October 2019

Prof. Dr. Roland Seifert, MHH
10 July 2019

Dr. Christof Lenz, Göttingen
Protein expression profiling by MS in cardiac tissue biopsies
4 July 2019

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