The research core unit for laser microscopy at the Hannover Medical School provides equipment and accessory services for laser based confocal and multiphoton microscopy.

The facility is open to all scientists from the MHH and the Braunschweig Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research as well as to external researchers from other institutions.


The facility at a glance:


  • 7 microscope systems
  • Fluorescence imaging of a large range of dyes
    • Laser lines available: 405, 440, 458, 477, 488, 496, 514, 532, 543, 559, 561, 594, 633, 710-990 nm
  • Transmitted light imaging
    • DIC, phase contrast
  • Imaging a different sample sizes
    • From animals, organs, tissues to cells and molecules
  • Live cell imaging
    • Temperature, humidity, and CO2 regulation
    • High-speed time lapse: 100 images per second
    • Long-term time lapse (e.g. multiple days) with focus correction
  • All microscopes are S2
  • Cell culture facilities
  • Special imaging techniques
    • FRAP, photoactivation, FRET, multi photon
  • Super Resolution: 2D and 3D STORM, TIRF
  • High-throughput microscopy
    • 96 and 384 plate format acquisition
  • Image processing, analysis, and quantification
    • Measurement of object intensity, size, number
    • Object tracking in 2D and 3D
    • 3D measurements and rendering


  • Training and education
    • All new users receive training for the instruments they wish to use. Refresher courses are available.
  • Advice
    • All aspects of imaging, conceptual approaches, sample preparation, reagent purchases, image acquisition.
  • Image analysis
    • Post-acquisition image processing: 2D and 3D.
  • Workshops and courses
    • Next course (March 2023): “Immunofluorescence of cultured cells”

The facility is located in building J4, level 01, left from the elevator.

If you want to use the facility, please follow the link "Using the facility" and contact Oliver Terwolbeck or Dr. Rudolf Bauerfeind at