Working Group Neuro-Nuclear Medicine of the Hannover Medical School Department of Nuclear Medicine



Image of a physiologically functioning brain: regions with higher blood perfusion on patients with cochlear implants during a speech test


The human brain functions by interaction of specialized regions. Brain functions and dysfunctions and their causes as well as treatment effects can be uniquely studied with nuclear medicine procedures, without interfering with the system. Thereby minimal amounts of radiolabeled tracers are employed, which distribute specifically in the brain. With these physiological processes like blood flow, metabolism or neurotransmission as well as un-physiological deposits or inflammation in the brain can be measured quantitatively.

The working group Neuro-Nuclear Medicine uses these procedures in studies of the pathophysiology and treatment of hearing impairment as well as neuropsychiatric diseases (e.g. Tourette syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder, pedophilia) and disorders of brain function occurring as comorbidity (e.g. after organ transplantation). Basically preclinical as well as clinical studies are carried out. Thereby the state of the art infrastructure of the department of nuclear medicine is employed.


Members of the working group

Prof. Georg Berding, MD, Department of Nuclear Medicine (head of the working group)

Mariella Kessler, Dr. rer. nat., Department of Nuclear Medicine

Martin Mamach, Dr. rer. nat., Department of Medical Physics and Radiation Protection

Florian Wilke, Department of Medical Physics and Radiation Protection (hard- and software specialist)


Extern Collaborations

Prof. Dr. Ronald Boellaard, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Center for Medical Imaging, University of Groningen

Dr. rer. nat. Ralph Buchert, University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Brain imaging

Prof. Dr. Georg Klump, University of Oldenburg, Department of Neuroscience, Animal Physiology and Behavior

Dr. sc. nat. Pascale Sandmann, University Clinic Cologne, Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic, Audiology and Pediatric Audiology


Membership in coordinated research collaborations

Cluster of excellence hearing for all, Hearing4all

Center of systems neuroscience, Hannover, ZSN

Integrated research and treatment center transplantation, IFB-Tx