Graduation 2022

Sanja Sladic (AG Hilfiker) und

We are happy to congratulate Sanja and Abdulai on passing their doctoral thesis!

Sanja Sladic and Abdulai Usman completed their doctoral theses with excellent results and successfully defended on January 14, 2022. Both completed the international PhD program "Regenerative Sciences".

Abdulai Usman (RG Olmer): "Patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cell-derived endothelial cells as in vitro disease model for pulmonary arterial hypertension"

Sanja Sladic (RG Hilfiker): "Investigation of different cell sources in role of mural cells and their influence on endothelial cell network quality"

Felicitations for this great achievement!

We congratulate them sincerely and wish them both every success in their future careers.