ETPN announces Prof. Martin as new vice chair ot the Working Group Regenerative Medicine

In May 2011, Prof. Martin was elected as vice chair to lead together with Dr. Elisa Figallo (chair; project manager at Fin-Ceramica Faenza spa, Italy) and Dr. Cem Bozkurt (vice chair, Chief Executive Officer at Alvimedica Medical Technologies, Turkey) the Working Group Regenerative Medicine of the European Technology Platform Nanomedicine (ETPN).

As a pivotal topic in regenerative medicine, nanotechnology increasingly becomes more important with respect of the future development of regenerative therapies and the concomitant industrial exploitation. Hence, the newly committed chairs of the Working Group Regenerative Medicine, with both representatives from industry and academia as well as currently 80 members, have accepted the challenge to establish a strategic research agenda in the area of nanomedicine, the application of nanotechnology to health.

The ETPN is an initiative led by the industry and set up together with the European Commission. Major objective of the community members is to strenghen Europe to organize and to deliver innovation in the area of nanomedicine by

  • etablishing a clear strategic vision in the area of nanomedicine
  • reducing fragmentation in nano-medical research
  • mobilizing additional public and private investment
  • identifying priority areas

More detailed information can be found here.