Study spaces

Tables with lamps and power sockets
Room for concentrated work

Room for concentrated working - Reading room upstairs.

The upper reading room is intended for silent work: Rows of tables with individual table lamps, views into the room or seats by the window, 26 study booths, separate room as PC Pool at the north-eastern end of the upper room.

Study spaces in the lower reading room between the shelves with books to borrow
Learning spaces in the lower reading room

Room for exchange - Reading room downstairs

In the lower reading room, there are individual workspaces as well as group workspaces and 21 study booths. The shelves there contain current and particularly relevant literature. Textbooks intended for study are located at the beginning of each shelfmark group and system location within the classification. Other books of interest to the subject are listed as "Fachbücher" in the immediate vicinity. They can be identified as further reading on the spine of the book by the designation "MonoLS".

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