Intravenous catheters

The surgical creation of permanent venous vascular accesses represents an integral part of our general surgical treatment spectrum. In addition to the implantation of so-called port catheters for the intravenous administration of drugs over a longer period of time - e.g. in the context of chemotherapy - we also offer the creation of special additional catheter systems, which may be required, for example, for nutritional medical issues or for hemodialysis. In this way, a patient's veins are protected from damage caused by frequent punctures or aggressive drugs, which increases individual comfort on the one hand and treatment safety on the other.

Catheter implantation is performed in a short operation lasting about 30 minutes and is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. Should medical reasons (including anxiety disorders) prevent implantation under local anesthesia, the operation can of course also be scheduled under general anesthesia. Please note that in this case you will not be allowed to drive a vehicle for 24 hours.

Of course, we also offer the exchange of a dysfunctional catheter system or the explantation of catheters that are no longer needed. Both are also possible on an outpatient basis in almost all cases and, if necessary, can also be performed during another operation in our department.

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